Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enter the contest ? How to get here ? Can we buy spectator tickets before the contest ?
Please find below the answers to your main questions


Today these two universes are only one for an accomplished artist.
The contest, for children 14 years and over, rewards candidates who have the ability to
express themselves in classical dance, with regard to technique, narrative and expression
and in freedom, creativity, and innovation in contemporary and modern-jazz.

The jury will be composed of recognized and authoritative personalities in the world of
classical, modern-jazz and contemporary dance. Their decisions will prevail and will be
without appeal. The jury will be the same throughout the weekend of the competition:
whatever the categories, disciplines and days.
The official names will be revealed some time before the competition via social networks.

This competition is intended primarily for students from schools already participating in
other competitions or those wishing to begin this experience.

Regular practice several times a week is required to ensure the best chance of success.
Our values ​​are those of reaching one’s true potential through effort and hard work, but not
exclusively through competition.


The competition is open to applicants between the ages of 8 and 22 at the first day of the competition. However, we will consider applicants who are younger or older by a few days by derogation.

Registration is via the online platform on the site. No paper file or email will be considered. Be sure to follow each step of the registration process and not to forget any items
Registration fees must be paid at the time of online registration. If you are not redirected to
the payment platform, you must start the registration again. Also check that the payment
has been completed. Incomplete payment or incomplete registration files will not be
If the problem persists, please contact us.

Registrations will be open until November 30. Beyond this date, the platform will be closed and it will not be possible to submit a late application.

By registering before October 15, you get a discount on registration fees.
The registration fee is 50 € (instead of 60 €) for one discipline and 70 € (instead of 85 €) for 2
By signing up early, you can secure your application, this is important as the number of
places is limited.

Music files must be sent no later than November 30.
No other music will be accepted after this date.
A link to download the music will be sent after registration by email.

Your registration is possible within the deadlines. On the online the form, the fields in
question are not obligatory (Title, duration, composer).
You must send this information at the same time as the music file by November 30.

This is quite possible and allows all candidates to register for the competition.
Only one registration form is required.

No refund can be considered even upon presentation of a medical certificate.

Individual invitations will be sent at the latest approximately 2 weeks before the
competition. All the details concerning the course of events will be specified on the


The competition is open exclusively to individual applicants.
It is not possible to register as a duo or group.

Candidates from 8 to 13 years old have the choice to present themselves in classical and / or
modern jazz.

From the age of 14, candidates will be assessed on their ability to express themselves in both
disciplines (classical and contemporary / modern-jazz).
No derogation will be made.

A 13-year-old candidate can present in classical only, or in modern-jazz only : they will then
be in the “intermediate” category.
They can also, if they wish, present in multi-discipline.
(classic and contemporary / modern-jazz) : the candidates will be the “average”category.

Teachers may present the same variation for several candidates in the same category.

It is recommended to be accompanied by your teacher during the competition weekend but it is not
Likewise, independent candidates, with regular practice several times a week, are accepted.

The qualifying events are awarded a technical score and an artistic mark.
The candidates selected for the final will be those having reached a minimum number of points
defined by the jury. Their decision is without appeal.

The total points obtained at each representation (elimination and final) will determine the final


The address and map are under  «  KIASMA ».

3 car parks are immediately located near the Kiasma, the competition theatre :

  • School parking, 80 spaces, free.
  • City Hall parking, 20 spaces, free.
  • The underground car park “Vicarello”, 64 places, paid parking on Saturday, free on Sunday.

A snack bar is at your disposal in the theatre. It will offer fast food and drinks.


Entrance tickets will be sold on website from 2nd of December 9h to 15th of December. Go on ticketing page. The “2 days” and “the final” ticket include the closing gala. Please refer to  our rules to consult the different pricing. 

A ticketing corner will also be open during the contest.

Tickets for closing gala will be sold exclusively at the Kiasma during the contest. Pricing are indicated in the “rules” page.

For any questions or information, you can contact the organizing team by email ( ) or by phone (+33 6 62 17 30 35).